What can the Olympics teach us about the value of event security?

The Summer Olympic Games are one of the most exciting events on the global calendar every four years. They represent a chance for the world’s best athletes to come together, competing with other elites and vying for the ultimate glory of a gold medal.

Unfortunately, the Games also sometimes pose grave risks to the athletes because of shortcomings in event security. This year, in Rio de Janeiro, we’ve seen some particularly ugly news trickle out.

A scary moment for Ryan Lochte

For proof that the Rio Olympics have had trouble with event security, you need look no further than recent events involving American swimmer Ryan Lochte. According to numerous news sources, he suffered a traumatic event on Sunday night when he and three of his U.S. swimming teammates were robbed at gunpoint.

USA Today reported that the Olympic Committee was responding to this incident by banning athletes from walking in certain areas after dark – but the newspaper also raised an interesting point. Couldn’t the Games do just as much for people’s security not by blaming victims, but instead by investing in stronger security measures?

What goes into security planning?

The truth is that when you’re running any event, be it a major international spectacle like the Olympics or just a small gathering, it pays to invest in security. Doing so makes your people feel safer and more able to enjoy themselves.

The first step is to assess the event you’re holding and determine the level of help you need. Are you in the market for dedicated, full-time security staff members? Alternatively, would you be just as comfortable with a mobile patrol security system, having officers visit on a part-time basis?

Whatever your needs, budget for them fully. It’s far costlier to deal with a serious security breach later than to pay for extra protection now.

The value of event security

At NSR Security, we have all sorts of different service packages available that should help you run your next event smoothly. For example, we’ve got party security personnel for covering one-time events, or more long-term resources if you have prolonged safety needs to attend to.

In either case, your people will definitely benefit from having an extra set of eyes looking after them. At the same time, we don’t want to be overbearing or heavy-handed – we want to provide a gentle, calming presence that will help your guests relax and enjoy themselves. Contact us today if that’s what you’re looking for.