The best ways to secure a factory

Australia’s manufacturing industry is one of the country’s strongest, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) finding that it contributes nearly 7 per cent of the country’s GDP.

This means there’s a substantial amount of money invested in the industry, with machinery and factories expanding and becoming more advanced as time progresses. Naturally, these factories become targets for thieves and vandals. The sheer size of these structures and industrial locations means they can become a tagger’s paradise if businesses don’t have a comprehensive security strategy in place.

The value of the equipment they contain and the size of some of the factories mean that business owners need to be on their toes to ensure all corners of the site are kept safe.

1. Cover indoor and outdoor areas

While the bulk of a factory premises will be indoors, external loading bays, storage areas and carparks are just as susceptible to unwanted attention.

The biggest problem with installing a camera system that can secure an area this large is the wiring. Open outdoor areas are exposed to the elements, often poorly lit and might not have the necessary wiring to support other security systems. On top of this, with trucks, forklifts and other vehicles operating in these areas the systems need to be flexible.

Video alarm systems provide a wireless solution that solves all these problems and others.

2. Patrol risky zones

Unlike many other industries, the night shift is all-but standard for many of Australia’s factories. According to the ABS, nearly 1.5 million people around the country work it as a primary shift.

This means there are a lot of cars left out overnight at these premises. With plenty of staff coming and going, it can be easy for parking lots to become a gold mine for thieves, especially if they aren’t well lit.

Static guards can provide a human security presence to these areas, and keep an eye on surroundings overnight.

3. Secure tempting stock

Thieves know what has value to them. Whether it’s something that’s easy to sell or valuable enough to risk getting caught for, certain materials and goods will have a higher risk level.

Even goods that don’t seem like they would have value – like scrap metal – can be enough to draw potential burglars to your factory. Ensure these are kept out of sight and that there is nothing to draw attention to them.