What are the risks in getting employees to transport cash?

What’s the most important part of any business?

The answer, of course, is people. Without your employees, work isn’t completed and customers aren’t served. Because of this, businesses need to be doing everything they possibly can to keep them safe by minimising the risks they encounter in their daily routines.

The second most important factor in any business is cash. Without income, businesses can’t pay employees, order stock or keep the place tidy for customers. Unfortunately, it’s this income that makes businesses a target for thieves, especially when it’s in transit.

While most employees are perfectly equipped with the cash-handling skills needed to work in a business, few have the same level expertise when it comes to transporting finances to the bank. Whether it’s a short walk to the end of a mall, or a drive to another location, professional cash-in-transit services are essential for businesses that want their cash moved safely and securely.

The major risk to these employees is an armed robbery or hold-up. If potential offenders believe they have spotted a trend with the way your business transports its cash, the employee tasked with this responsibility is put under unnecessary risk.

Stress is also a key factor in these exchanges. With cash-in-transit services there’s no need to worry about who will carry the cash or what would happen to it in the unlikely event of an emergency. NSR’s services are fully insured. When your cash is with us, it’s our responsibility.

Business owners are advised to avoid the occupational health and safety risks present in these activities. According to WorkSafe Victoria, physical injuries are common to the industry, resulting in headaches for the employers that have to manage these events as well.

The best way to ensure both your cash and staff are safe is simply enlist a professional to take care of the hard work for you.