A mobile security patrol may be the right choice for your business

There are plenty of businesses out there that long for the peace of mind that comes from having a security staff, but lack the means to acquire full-time help. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem – hiring mobile security patrols can give companies part-time assistance from guards who rove around from one client to another, checking for security issues.

This is a reasonable, affordable way to keep an office secure. There is just one drawback, which is that effectively using mobile security help is challenging logistically. It requires stellar communication skills to get the process just right.

What it takes to master mobile security

If your company doesn’t want to hire a full-time security guard, that’s fine – mobile patrol security might work well for your business. In short, it involves a guard driving from one client to the next and checking for irregularities – unlocked doors, open windows, vandalism, trespassing and so on.

This can be a valuable help to your business – but according to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, there are specialised skills required. Mobile security personnel and their clients must be able to communicate well, document their findings and manage this information efficiently, and also work collaboratively to resolve any problems that arise. All of the above can be challenging.

Teamwork is always a valuable skill

It’s still possible for security personnel to keep a workplace safe, even when they’re not manning their positions full-time, but it’s not always easy. Security Guard Training HQ noted that good communication is vital in this area. Not only do guards need to coordinate their responsibilities with their clients, but they also must share information flawlessly with one another.

If multiple employees are monitoring the same site, for example, they will need to have the right infrastructure in place for coordinating the details, such as activating alarm systems or checking different locations within a facility on different days. Verbal and written communication skills become crucial in these situations.

Weigh the costs and benefits of mobile help

Mobile patrol services are an efficient and cost-effective way of taking care of your business. If you decide that you need security guards in Brisbane, this is absolutely a strategy worth considering.

Simply having a patrol vehicle in the area is a big deterrent against security threats, so you may not need to invest much to gain a great deal in terms of safety. Talk to us today about the benefits you can get from paying an affordable weekly rate for security services.