Security Guards

What is Security Guarding?


Also known as ‘Static Guarding’ our Security Guard service involves a uniformed security guard staying at your premises for a set amount of time. Unlike a mobile patrol, where a guard comes and goes during the night, these guards do not leave the premises. For party, event and function security, click here. The length of shifts really depend on your requirements and budget. We can tailor a solution to meet your needs, however, our minimum shift length is 4 hours. Security guards can be rostered to work over a 24 hour period, and their duties can vary, depending on your requirements. Whether you want a guard to stay overnight, or a guard to be stationed at a gate or front entry during business hours, we have the right guard for your premises. This kind of service is ideal for construction sites, shopping centres and gate keeping. It is also useful for any situation where you would benefit from having a security guard stationed at your premises to either keep people out or manage the people that are coming in. Any incidents are radioed back to our 24hr Operations Centre, where a supervisor will complete a report and follow the predetermined instructions as set out by you (such as calling an after-hours contact or contacting police). Our guards not only undergo government-accredited training through an approved training organisation, but they must also pass our in-house training requirements and inductions. They must also undergo stringent police background checks. Special consideration is given to guards who hold White Cards in Construction Site Safety and Blue Cards for Working with Children.



Having someone stay at your site for an entire shift, be it 4 hours or 24 hours, means that there is an almost zero possibility that anyone will attempt to gain access to the premises. The guards can be highly visible, not only visually deterring people from entering the premises, but also physically preventing them from doing so. At construction sites, the guards can prevent valuable copper and other building materials from being stolen, keep an eye on contractors tools and equipment and ensure that no one accesses the site after-hours. This also has Workplace Health and Safety advantages, in that while you may be held liable for anyone trespassing on your site and injuring themselves, the presence of our guard diminishes this risk. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to using security guards on your construction site, check out our GuardView Security Camera Rentals. Our guards can also stay at the site during the day while contractors are working, keeping track of who is coming and going and ensuring that only authorised persons enter the premises. The guard can check deliveries, sight contractor White Cards and ensure that no person takes equipment off-site without authorisation. At shopping centres and other venues, our guards can take on more of a ‘concierge’ type role, assisting customers as well as providing a physical presence to dissuade would-be shoplifters, loiterers and vandals. Security guards can conduct regular walk-around patrols or be stationed in a particular area. Our guards are rarely working alone. Even though there may only be one guard stationed at your premises, our fleet of 18 patrol vehicles conduct regular welfare checks of the premises to check on their safety. The guards are also in constant communication with the Operations Centre via two-way radio or mobile phone. Our Security Guarding service is used by many clients to deter unauthorised entry and help manage visitors and workers at a site. Not only does NSR provide these services to the Moreton Bay Regional Council, guarding Council buildings and locations such as Redcliffe Settlement Cove, some of our other clients include:

  • Centrelink
  • Selangor Hospital Nambour
  • The Logan Motorway Expansion Project
  • Sundale Retirement Villages
  • Ballycara Retirement Scarborough
  • Trader Dukes



Our Security Guard service is invoiced weekly, using an hourly rate. Discounts may apply for ongoing work. For a FREE no obligation quote, call us on 1300 136 102 for more details. Before making a decision, make sure you check out our other services to tailor a complete security solution.