Which state has the highest number of vehicle thefts?

Whether your business directly depends on vehicles to get work done or not, these are significant investments that can harm a company’s ability to operate if thieves target them.

While any property that has cars parked outside it has the potential to attract thieves, some premises are more risky than others. Lockups where vehicles are left unattended overnight are particularly at risk, and demand security solutions such as video alarm systems to ensure they’re always monitored.

Not only are different types of business subject to different threat levels, new research from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council found the number of cars stolen differs drastically across each of Australia’s states.

Before finding out which of the country’s regions is most susceptible to car thefts, there was some good news to emerge from the research. Overall, the number of cars stolen is dropping, with the total dropping by over 2,000 thefts between 2014 and 2015.

However, there were also a few negative statistics to emerge from the research, with the organisation finding that just under 30 per cent of all reported vehicle thefts occur in NSW. This news should concern businesses in the region that rely on vehicles but aren’t making use of solutions such as mobile security patrols.

While Queensland registered third overall, accounting for just under a fifth (19.9 per cent) of all thefts, there is always room for improvement.

According to the Australian institute of criminology, businesses need to be just as important if employees choose to take their vehicles home with them as well. The institute found that 40 per cent of all car thefts happen at residential locations. On top of this, a further 35 per cent occurred when the vehicle was left out on the street.